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How does it work?

Great question! Here’s a quick overview: The items you need are gathered and stored in our warehouse, so that our inventory can quickly become your inventory with just one order and one delivery. This means more time running your business and not managing lead times, multiple suppliers, outgoing and incoming supplies.


If inventory management has been a struggle for your small team or you could benefit from more time to run your business, then CanGrow is the ideal partner for you.


Click here to take a listen to our President, Jim Walker, speaking with Chris Conner of Spin Capital’s New Smoke podcast. They discuss how CanGrow works with growers and manufacturers to consolidate their supplier network to a single source and thereby reduce costs, but also common inventory management challenges faced in the cannabis industry. You’ll also hear about ancillary services CanGrow provides such as facility audits and guidance on product selection.

What kind of businesses does CanGrow serve?

CanGrow was created to support the unique inventory management of:


• Cannabis Growers & Processors

• Multi-Crop Aeroponics

• Controlled Multi & Single Crop Atmospheres


We currently service businesses located in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

How can CanGrow help our team maintain proper inventory levels?

We understand that you operate with a small, hard-working team and it’s unlikely that anyone has specialized in inventory management. However, it is likely that your list of ongoing supplies exceeds 150 different items ranging from ingredients for edibles, packaging, waste management, paper goods and more. Don’t suffer from poor purchasing and inventory management practices any longer. CanGrow is here to help.


We offer all of the items you need to operate day-to-day and our machine learning system will place orders automatically based on your usage. Frequency is also determined by your needs and we can reduce your endless stream of deliveries down to just one.

How can CanGrow improve our inventory management?

With minimal surplus storage space, ordering too much can be as detrimental as ordering too little. In some cases, you may have to order more than you need in the short term due to high minimum order quantities. We totally get it.


Juggling incoming and outgoing supplies along with minimum order requirements is a full-time job… and we hope you’ll make it ours, so you can get back to business.

How can CanGrow help us start our business?

On average, you’ll need 850 different items to get started and you’ll have to source them from multiple suppliers. This means multiple lead times, multiple shipments, multiple deliveries and way more room for error.


There isn’t a single supplier that stocks everything you’ll need… until now. CanGrow Solutions can help you get from the planning phase to fully operational much faster than sourcing hundreds of items from dozens of suppliers. 

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